Well, it's Lebedev, coming at you live from Denmark on holiday. Hooray, I know. I have been working on my album recently, especially in the weeks leading up to summer break. Since i left my guitar at home i can't work on it here, but i am going to record one or two final songs when i get back and then release the whole thing. It is much more... not upbeat, but less depressing than the last few albums. By the way, some people have asked why I deleted nearly every one of my songs. The reason I did it was because more and more IRLs were finding my music, so I wanted to look at myself i guess, present myself in a way I would be comfortable with ANYONE seeing. And that includes getting rid of my brutally honest songs, unfortunately. But hey! back to the album... It is a LOT more diverse in terms of genres, topics, etc. I have some bedroom-punk, sodaboy64 kind of stuff, some electronic-country songs eg werewolf hair , and like 1/2 songs in my usual style - I Really Hate Summer being one of them. I did write one of the songs in 6/8 timing, which was enjoyable but difficult. In terms of other news, not much. I noticed that turt followed me, so thanks for that I guess. MIK released his new album , its fkin brilliant and i would highly reccommend downloading it asap. Anyway, nothing else to report, so bye.